The Types Of Worker’s Comp Benefits That Are Available In Florida


Workers go to work every single day and it is their expectation that they will arrive there safely, do a hard day's work and then return back to their homes. In the vast majority of cases this is exactly what happens, but on some occasions people get hurt making their way to work, and get hurt doing their daily working activities as well. As an employer, you need to have things in place to make sure that your workers receive the protection that they deserve and that their medical expenses are covered and any other incidentals as well. It also needs to be remembered that the employee may need to take time off and so they need to be compensated for this as well.

This is why it is essential to have Florida workers' comp insurance to pay for treatment directly and also to determine what cash payments need to be given to the employee. Employees need money to survive on when they are recovering at home and so it is essential that about two thirds of their average salary is paid to them. There are four basic types of workers comp benefits that are paid out to the insurance companies and the following are two of them and what they provide.

* Medical benefits - These are paid out as a direct result of work related injuries or illness and thankfully there is no maximum payment for these kinds of benefits. It is every employee's right to receive the necessary medical attention that they need as a result of a work related injury. There may be a requirement that the worker gets the necessary medical treatment through a specified health care network. It is beneficial for all that an employee gets to return to their place of work as soon as possible and so this is an essential medical benefit that everyone requires.

* Workers comp disability benefits - There are four different types of income benefits here namely, temporary income benefits, impairment income benefits, supplemental income benefits and lifetime income benefits. In most cases the worker will receive about two thirds of the average salary but it should be noted that the amount will be capped by the particular state that you live in to the average weekly wage for that area.

The other two benefits are workers comp death benefits and burial benefits that will be covered by workers compensation. In the case of an employee making a claim, it will be your job as the employer to make sure that they get as much help as possible and that you remain neutral with regards to the decisions that need to be made by the insurance company. These claims will affect the amount of money that you have to pay every year for your insurance policy but this is what you signed up for when you employed people to help your business grow. This is all part and parcel of doing business and you should be trying to do what’s best for your employees.

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