ACS Laboratory Receives 42 Total Emerald Test Badges


ACS Laboratory, the largest hemp and cannabis testing facility in the Eastern U.S., received 21 Emerald Test Badges in Fall 2020 for precise and reliable results. This designation marks the second year in a row ACS Laboratory has received 21 badges, totaling 42 Emerald Test Badges in the past two years, and ranking ACS Laboratory at the top of the nation based on Emerald Scientific’s Inter-Laboratory Comparison proficiency test.

“In 2019, ACS Laboratory received 21 Emerald Test Badges and 21 again in 2020, solidifying our position as the top laboratory in the country. The results are a credit to our team’s dedication to accuracy, transparency, and consistency, whether we’re testing oils, flower, edibles, beverages, or topicals,” said Roger Brown, president and founder of ACS Laboratory.

The Emerald Test, developed by Emerald Scientific, compares the efficacy of labs like ACS Laboratory to bring a higher level of standardization across the industry. This fall, ACS Laboratory received awards for potency testing in hemp oils, gummies, and beverages. Additionally, ACS Laboratory passed several tests for accurately detecting contaminants such as residual solvents, heavy metals, molds, and pesticides in hemp and cannabis products.

ACS Laboratory is on a mission to support cannabis companies in their pursuit to deliver clean, safe, and innovative products that promote positive progress in the industry. Always ahead of the curve, ACS Laboratory is continually enhancing its testing methodologies and developing new tests for harmful toxins and therapeutic terpenes, and minor cannabinoids.

ACS Laboratory currently analyzes 20 major and minor cannabinoids, including EXO THC, Delta8 THCV, and Delta10 THC–an unprecedented quantity for U.S. laboratories. Due to its expansive capabilities and rigorous protocols, ACS has teamed up with medical cannabis companies and research universities nationwide to conduct human trials and pharmacokinetic studies.

In spring 2020, ACS Laboratory acquired Botanica Testing, Inc., a certified hemp and CBD testing laboratory, which added 500 new hemp and CBD clients to its rapidly growing portfolio. Thanks to its success, ACS Laboratory has undergone a 20,000 sq. ft. expansion and increased its reach to 47 states and four countries worldwide.

About ACS Laboratory

ACS Laboratory is The Most Trusted Cannabis and Hemp Laboratory in the USA™, earning more Emerald Test Badges for accuracy in testing than any other laboratory in the southeast. ACS Laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited, DEA licensed and CLIA licensed with the largest state-of-the-art facility in the region. Compliant with the USDA’s rules for hemp testing, ACS is also approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture as a “Designated Compliance Laboratory,” and deemed a "Certified Marijuana Testing Laboratory" by the Florida Department of Health. Beyond compliance, ACS is committed to innovation, which is why it tests for more cannabinoids than any lab in the region and continuously develops new protocols to analyze lesser-known toxins. Its facility utilizes industry-leading ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry technology and proprietary protocols to ensure accurate detection.

Watch this video about ACS Laboratory, and read the blog for up-to-date information on cannabis science and lab testing for both the hemp and cannabis industries. For more information, visit, or call (813) 670-9157. 

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