Abre Camino Collective And Legendary Cuban-American Actor Launch Virtual Comedic Series


Rubenology” celebrates Ruben Rabasas life story before generations of fans

A new virtual series portraying the colorful life and wry ruminations of legendary Cuban-American actor Ruben Rabasa has launched on social media.

Inspired by the actor’s “Rubenisms,” Rubenology is a six-episode limited series that draws on different American classic cinematic techniques to aptly portray the 82-year-old Rabasa in his signature comedic style as he relays his memories, experiences and perspectives on a range of relevant topics - from Cuba to the United States and even the greater Milky Way, as well as Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Santeros, and much more. Episodes average eight minutes.

Abre Camino Collective is a team of creators committed to redefining the American narrative through radical storytelling. Together, they co-produced the immersive hit, The Amparo Experience, and Rubenology marks their first foray into Executive Production, in collaboration with Magic City Media.

“It’s funny and silly and full of heart, just like Rabasa himself, who has a thing or two to teach us about what we affectionately call his ‘Rubenology, ’ said Abre Camino co-founder and writer, Vanessa Garcia. “This is our term for Ruben’s special wisdom earned over his more than eight decades of vibrant living as an actor, a lover, a friend, a son, and a Cuban-American.”

Described as “La Gloria de Cuba” by Oscar-nominated actor and fellow Cuban-American, Andy Garcia, Rabasa is popular among Millennials as “Focus Group Man” for his comical performance in Netflix's I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson - which earned the actor “meme of 2019” status.

Rabasa’s robust experience spans theater, radio, film, and television including years on Univision’s longest-running Spanish-language variety show, SábadoGigante, as well as roles in major motion pictures, including The Lost City, Police Academy 5 and Amigos.

In this new chapter of his career, Rabasa looks forward to engaging his audience on a personal level.

“I’m honored to share my life and happy to have the opportunity to make people laugh and touch their hearts with my stories,” he said. “And I am blessed to have partnered with the very talented ladies of Abre Camino to make this special program a reality.”

Abre Camino co-founder and director, Victoria Collado, echoed the sentiment.

“We aim to open new paths to voices that haven't been heard. Ruben's is one of these,” Collado said. “And like Ruben, we are also Cuban-American and come from family traditions of opening doors for people seeking opportunity. With Rubenology, we provide a stage for Ruben to share the wild ride of his life - all 82 years of it, and counting - in his own funny, heartwarming and personal style so beloved by generations of his fans.”

Rubenology airs weekly via Instagram TV and YouTube. For more information, visit https://www.instagram.com/rubenrabasa/.

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